Goodmorning Valentine – “Empty Rooms” (Feat. Jessica Lea Mayfield)

Goodmorning Valentine – “Empty Rooms” (Feat. Jessica Lea Mayfield)

Last month, Jessica Lea Mayfield joined Wednesday on stage in Los Angeles to perform her beautiful 2014 song “Seein* Starz.” Today, the singer-songwriter teamed up with fellow Ohioan Goodmorning Valentine for a haunting new track called “Empty Rooms.”

“I’ve been a touring musician for 20 years, playing all over the country and in all kinds of rooms, sometimes with other players but mostly solo,” Goodmorning Valentine, aka Joseph Allen Beltram, told Flood. He continued:

For me, the music and the travel are intrinsically tied to one another: I travel to play songs and I write songs about traveling. While much of that experience has been a great adventure, there are times when things don’t go right, when the shows are less than stellar, the van doesn’t cooperate, or money gets thin. Even in this world of infinite connection, being a long way from the familiar and the comfort of loved ones can feel heavy, especially if you’re alone on stage playing to an empty bar, a thousand miles from home. It’s a unique loneliness that comes with this strange profession.

Below, hear “Empty Rooms,” which is out now via Suicide Squeeze.

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