Kevin Federline Knows Hip-Hop, Samples Journey

Hey kids, it’s time for Stereogum’s weekly Kevin Federline update. (Thanks for the shoutout CBS News!)

Our friends at Fader caught up with K-Fed at his Miami studio and heard 12 completed tracks from his debut Off The Record.

FADER: “He plans to release on April 25. Whether it’s through a major label or an indie release, that still has to be determined, but your man is firm on the release date. Most of the songs were produced by up-and-comer Disco D or unknown dude Notes, and Federline’s unexpected beat selection bears influence from dirty south space dust to baile funk to epic Journey samples. He also snagged Petey Pablo for a guest verse. Federline says that growing up in Fresno, California he got into hip-hop through classic Bay Area acts like Digital Underground, Too $hort, Dru Down and E-40. At times his vocal approach mimics The Ballatician himself, while other touchstones include Eminem and Pharrell. His lyrical concerns are the hating-ass media and loose women.”

Journey samples? That’s so last year.

Federline and his manager Dan then shot the shit with the hipster mag, and Fader’s blog’s put the Q&A up as three downloadable MP3s.

Here’s a preview from Part I:

KEVIN FEDERLINE: “That was like my biggest inspirations in hip-hop right there, the Digital Undergrounds and all that. And, then, you know, gansta music started taking off too, and everybody you know listened to that. That shit was hot. Um, NWA, when they came out — was like ’89 when they really hit hard — something like that. That was big. Um, and just along the way, man, that was it. I never really … I listened to all kinds of music, but my main focus was hip-hop. You know, dancing and doing all that stuff in Fresno just, that was it, you know. That’s all I knew.”


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