How Are Nick & Jessica Coping?

I know you’re all concerned. Daisy Duke is “flirting up a storm with a bevy of bachelors — from A-list actors to Grammy-winning musicians” according to her covery story in the new US Weekly. Meanwhile, today Nick Lachey debuts a sad new song on AOL Music.

It’s called “What’s Left of Me,” and here’s a sample lyric:

“I’ve been dying inside, you see? / I’m going outta my mind, outta my mind, I’m just running in circles all of the time. / Will you take what’s left of me?”

He looks depressed in that photo. Jessica 1, Nick 0? I don’t think so. Lachey’s probably excited as hell to spend Superbowl Sunday without a dumb blonde constantly pausing the Tivo to ask what buffalo wings are made out of.