High School Flick Stars Members Of No Age, Mika Miko, Lavender Diamond … And Mike Watt

The setup: High School Record, written/directed/photographed by Ben Wolfinsohn (who also did the Friends Forever documentary), is a film about a senior at an art high school who decides to document his last year there with his video camera. The flick’s an official selection at Sundance, SXSW, NY Underground, etc. It also stars many of our favorite L.A.-area musicians. For instance, the accompanying still finds No Age’s Dean Spunt, who plays a nerd named Caleb, here being bullied by real-life band member, Randy Randall. Members of Mika Miko — Jenna Thornhill, Jennifer Clavin, and Jessica Clavin — work at a shitty fish fry after school. Jenna’s dad = an awesomely mustached Mike Watt. Becky Stark’s the hippified teacher, who changes the name of the drama course to “Comedians For World Peace.” A bunch of other folks show up in smaller roles. As might be expected, it has a good soundtrack (Chicago Underground Quartet, Jad Fair, Brokeback, Dan Deacon, No Age, etc.). As might not be expected, it looks like Spunt borrowed Dan Deacon’s glasses, and fresh off his role as Young Stephen Speilberg in 2002’s Reflections Of Evil, turns out he’s a pretty good actor. Here’s the trailer.

It’s like the current L.A. scene’s take on Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley’s early ’90s Rodan + Ian Svenonious + Crain and Ruby Falls film, Half-Cocked. But less unintentionally funny/more enjoyable even if you don’t know the bands of the folks involved. It’s out and available on DVD. You can find out more at the High School Record site.