Stream The New Nicolai Dunger/Mercury Rev

Listen to Nicolai’s excellent chamber folk release This Is My Song here. The full album title is actually This Is My Song: You Can Have It … I Don’t Want It Anymore/Yours 4-Ever (inspired by the demise of a long-term relationship, as you probably guessed).

Song marks an exciting direction for the Swedish singer/songwriter. Credit that to backing band Mercury Rev (!), who got Nic to put down his guitar and bear his soul in the vocals. “We literally took Nicolai’s guitar out of his hands,” Mercury Rev’s Grasshopper told The Boston Globe. “When he strummed along, he sang a certain way, and when we took the guitar away he’d be out there naked. At first he freaked out. Then again, they were supposed to be demos, and when we got to Sweden to re-record the tracks we just kept most of them.”

From the same article, two other blogworthy quotes from Dunger:

“When I was young, I made it too much complicated. I listened to a lot of symphonic rock, Yes and Rush and Genesis. I still like that, but I think I like to be a little more simple now.”


“I really want to work Vincent Gallo. He’s crazy.”

Mercury Rev → Vincent Gallo. Makes sense.

Oh, dig that ’60s-throwback album cover.