Satirical Grammy Blog

Who is Neal Pollack ridiculing? Grambo? Ultra? Stereogum? Either way, pretty funny. We can laugh at ourselves, yes:

Feb. 8, 2004 | If there was one good thing to come out of Nipplegate, it?s that the big media?and I mean you,, thanks for the gig!?finally started to pay attention to the real faboo writers out there in Netland. The moment that Tittiegate tore open, and I mean right away, there must have been ten thou of us slapping our keys, figgerin? out the cultural score at halftime. It wasn?t JanJax?s boobie-oobie that was the big news, or Justin Pattycake?s so very I?m-not-gay-rip-your-clothes-off-alterna-frat dancing. The coverage was way more important than the story. Our instant online commentary was so haps that if you blinked, you missed the word. Dancing Darlene and Joey Munch Munch were the best whores out of the gate. Much bling to them. The Day After, Nude Yorkie dot com scorched the Earth by interviewing Hellaslut, the rad DJ and blog bitch who started it all. By the way, I totally sang The Stills at after-hours karaoke last night…

Much bling to Gawker for the link.