David Byrne Feels His Stuff, Arm Hair @ Austin City Limits

This was the first year in three that I didn’t make the trek down to Austin for the party in Zilker Park, because of the unexpected arrival of ATP NY but also because there are only so many times (“so many times” = five times) you can see the same bands in one summer. Except, David Byrne. I really wanted to see David Byrne. He’s touring in support of the great Eno-collab LP Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, sans Brian but with the help of a crew of uniformed linedancers. In prep for the shows, David blogged about his progress, expectations, and hairy arms:

Some of us, like me, forgot some steps and lyrics (we can’t have our music stands anymore since they get in the way) but overall, I was thrilled … Choreographer Annie-B (Parson) watched most of the day and commented that her fear that it might be strange having some numbers with lots of dancing (i.e., many visual things going on) and others with not so much (where it’s just the band playing) was allayed. I wondered how the songs without dancing would stand up and she thought it was actually good that at least half of the numbers don’t have dancing. It gives the eyes a rest and a chance to enjoy the band — who are sounding good. Amazing actually — I got the hairy arm on one song (goose bumps).

The white-clad, occasionally sexy/mostly goofy dance troupe joined him, gesticulating wildly to a great, forearm-fuzzing take on the funky fusion of “I Feel My Stuff” at ACL. Here’s that.

You can still buy the record at everythingthathappens.com. Also worth noting, David’s touching on old Heads stuff on this tour. From the same day in Zilker, here’s Remain In Light jam “Houses In Motion”:

Might wanna go catch a date. Still tix left.