Franz Ferdinand’s Secret MySpace Show

On tomorrow’s night’s debacle Love Monkey, Aimee Mann guest stars, telling Tom Cavanagh’s record exec character: “I just heard Franz Ferdinand had to cancel Irving for tomorrow night and they’re scrambling for a replacement.”

Now we know Franz Ferdinand have grown too big for Irving Plaza, but for MySpace they’ll play for you anywhere. As long as you’re on the list. Or rather, as long as they’re on your list.

The fun of yesterday’s “MySpace Secret Show” show began when I booked over for a wristband at Tower Records Thursday afternoon, MySpace profile printout in hand. And was met with laughing, pitying eyes when I breathlessly asked, “So, am I in time? Are there a lot left?” Oh, just a couple. Of hundred.

Lined up at Hammerstein 2:15 or so, misty drizzle washing out my not-so-precious MySpace wristband. To pass the time, I thought I’d bother some of my neighbors with a few silly questions.

“So, how long did it take you to get Secret Shows out of your MySpace top 8?’
Most popular answer: as soon as I printed my profile.

“What do you use MySpace for most?”
Most popular answer: to get laid. (Not true.)

One particularly jazzed up group of gals proudly told me they heard about the show through MySpace, and that they were on line this early `cause they were on spring break. “Good on you,” I told `em. “Way to use your holiday to see some afternoon rock.” They looked at me funny. I thought maybe it was my Australian slang. But when the crazy pony tailed man — frighteningly obsessed with keeping the garage door clear — waved us forward, my new young friends cued up in a line apart from mine. A line for the Franz show that night. At 2:30 in the afternoon. In the rain. Yes, Franz still has fans!

The concert itself? Well, Alex said it: “This is a slightly different show for us!” The kids came in all ages, and ten of `em got on stage to sing “Darts of Pleasure.” The walls were adorned with MySpace banners, of course. The band cobbled together a set heavy on rarities and a newbie, and bantered like it was band practice. But, this is Franz Ferdinand, so even band practice can get you jumping for a quick minute. Even if you’re still wondering if that free yellow bracelet was worth all of that.

1. Michael
2. Auf Achse
3. I’m Your Villian
4. Van Tango
5. Tell Her Tonight
6. Do You Want To
7. New Acoustic Song (“L. Wells”)
8. Walk Away
9. Evil and a Heathen
10. Darts of Pleasure (featuring: lots of kids!)
11. Outsiders

MySpace is guaranteed to come to your town with whatever band agrees to their PR shenanigans. Will Secret Shows be in your top 8?