Courntey Love’s Sunset Marquise, Tribute To Pete Doherty

The blogosphere’s reporting that the former Hole singer/(songwriter?) has penned a tribute to rocker Pete Doherty’s excesses for her not-so-anticipated album Sunset Marquise.

In recent weeks, Love’s popped up in the news, but here at Stereogum we’re having a hard time separating fact from fiction: Vacations with Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss? A baby with Steve Coogan (whatever happened to that)?

She is looking fit though. Let’s hope it’s yoga and not drugs.


Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ve heard Courtney’s sold a 25% share in Nirvana’s publishing rights to former Virgin GM Larry Mestel, promising the music will be used in a tasteful fashion. (What, not even VW ads?!) As long there are no more doll parts.