New Final Fantasy Video – “The Butcher”

At the end of August we premiered “The Butcher,” a lilting, chirping track from Spectrum, 14th Century, the first of Final Fantasy’s two forthcoming EPs. For the five-track collection, Owen Pallett collaborated with Beirut outdoors in Quebec on so-called “fake fields recordings” during the Flying Club Cup sessions. (Steel drums interact with bird songs, wooden percussion, nighttime crickets, hand claps, horns, shakers, Pallett’s voice/string arrangements.) Lyrically and sonically, Spectrum’s meant to depict/map-out the fictional land of Spectrum (and, in fact, the EPs packaged like one of those old Smithsonian Folksways records). I’m not sure if this Jesi The Elder-directed video for “The Butcher”‘s supposed to do the same thing, but if so — it’s a bit bloodier than I’d imagined. Then again, I should’ve paid more attention to the lyrics: “Doomsday, the end of the century / In accord with prophecy / Is all your fear, you fire, you family / Written within the Book of Butchery?,” etc.


“And the bishops will kneel at their alters and sing / Remove their coils, their rings, their jewels / Lay them all down in sacrifice / What of things? What things? What is this thing? / I’ve a temper as shiny as any bling! / And all this attention will gain you no favor in paradise.” Sans visually apocalyptic images, but with words intact:

Final Fantasy – “The Butcher” (MP3)

Spectrum, 14th Century is out 9/30 as a CD EP and 10″ EP in an edition of 1,000 via Blocks Recording Club.