White Stripes Coke Ad Uncut (And Ripped To MP3)

Watch the extended version here (MOV).

Link from MediaGuardian who says “the controversial song by White Stripes singer Jack White will air once only on UK TV.”

“The ad tells a tale suggesting that when you perform a random act of kindness, it will always come back to you. In the film, a young girl is dismayed when she loses her pet bird. Despite her grief she randomly helps a stranger. This act of kindness is then transferred onto someone else, and in turn someone else again. This continues until coming full circle back to the girl, who is rewarded by the return of her bird. It is understood Coca-Cola has aired a version of the ad just once globally – a standard 30-second cutdown of the film in Australia during an MTV awards show. A grainy pirate recording of the shortened version has been circulating on the internet.”

Thanks Andrew for the heads up, and thanks Mike for the MP3.

The White Stripes – “What Goes Around (Coke Ad)” (MP3 Link Expired)