Rudy Huxtable, Ben Gibbard, And More!

  • Check out Rudy Huxtable in the new Chingy video.
    WM 300 | REAL 300

  • Teach your Sims to play the Sims.

  • From the same KEXP show in which he covered “They Don’t Know,” here’s an MP3 of Ben Gibbard “I Was A Kaleidsocope” (Acoustic). (even more here – via Jen DailyRefill)

  • From the “Did You Know?” department … Britney’s “Toxic” was written by Cathy “Too Many Walls” Dennis. She wrote Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” too. I always wondered what happened to her. Actually, that’s not true — I never gave it much thought. But I bet she’s making a shitload of money now.

  • Slate on why sweeps month is the QWERTY keyboard of the media world (via Radosh)

  • Guess The Celebrity: On Friday I gawker stalked this actress at Duane Reade (14th & 3rd) perusing Valentine’s cards (hint: or were they GET WELL cards)?

    Sorry for the horrible photo, but that’s as as intrusive as I’m willing to get. This isn’t Celebrities Uncensored.

    Finally, check out two Friends Of Stereogum bands this week:
    1. TUE Ladyjane @ Luna Lounge
    2. THU Breaker! Breaker! (w/ The Gossip) @ Knitting Factory