New Cadence Weapon Video – “Real Estate”

Edmonton’s Cadence Weapon, aka ex-P4K scribe Rollie Pemberton, tackles the buying and selling of space in Afterparty Babies’s “Real Estate.” The video starts with a literal read of the track title, Pemberton as real estate agent, he and his greedy-ass cohorts “selling real estate” (via 1-888-12-REMIX and 1-888-DEAL-2DAY), but then double entendres and wordplay takeover. We’re told “real estate sales are the oldest turf war,” but are also pointed in the direction of beautiful views, large units, and gorgeous back lots that look a bit different than the usual condo listings.

“Hurry hurry now, hurry up, hurry quick / rappers on the radio don’t talk about shit / I know a couple friends who went to school for this / then dropped out, hopped out with a wack single / Remember that the chorus is a fast food jingle / that gets you in the spots where the hearts start to mingle,” etc.

Afterparty Babies is out via Anti-.