New Birdmonster Video – “‘Cause You Can”

Really enjoying blogger faves Birdmonster. So much so that I made them let us premiere the band’s new video for “‘Cause You Can.” It’s a giant flipbook (“slam”) constructed by Talking Panda and Greg Crane. Pretty cool. And here’s a funny Making The Video from Zach Birdmonster to YOU:

Dearest Stereogum…mers,
When us four Birdmonsters got together to brainstorm a video, we decided we wanted to go the whole nine. We wanted it to be like a Sisqo video except epic on a biblical scale that a 4’9″ R&B has-been who sings about underwear could never quite attain. We rented an eighty foot Navigator limo, a bevy of mostly naked women with eating disorders, and a whole lot of fisheye lenses. But then, when the shooting was done, the video felt wrong. Sure, there was that shot of Peter with “Birdmonster” spelled out in rubies across his upper teeth, but there was no heart in it. We felt dirty. So we made this one instead. It’s basically a giant, aggitated flip-book, a series of thousands of photos taken in a single night last month. The only drawback: no jiggling booties.

We’re sharing this on the front end of what will be our first trip to the East Coast, and it makes sense too. What you see in the video is what you get live, except louder and a lot sweatier. So, watch, enjoy, and come say hello if you’re on Eastern Standard Time. We’d love to see you. – Zach

Tour kicks off tomorrow. Can’t wait to see ‘em in NY.

06.10.06 – Live 105’s BFD (Shoreline Amphitheater)
06.12.06 – Allston, MA (Great Scott) (presented by TheTripwire)
06.13.06 – Washington, DC (Black Cat) 06.14.06 – Pittsburgh, PA (Garfield Artworks)
06.15.06 – Columbus, OH (Bernie’s Distillery)
06.16.06 – WOXY Lounge Act (
06.17.06 – Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop)
06.18.06 – Chicago, IL (Hideout)
06.20.06 – St Louis, OH (Off Broadway)
06.21.06 – Nashville, TN (The Exit-In)
06.23.06 – Cincinnati, OH (The Comet)
06.25.06 – Charlotte, NC (Tremont Music Hall)
06.28.06 – Norfolk, VA (Relative Theory Records)
06.29.06 – Baltimore, MD (Sonar) 06.30.06 – New York, NY (Sin-e) (presented by Crackers United)
07.01.06 – New York, NY (Knitting Factory)
07.15.06 – San Francisco, CA (Bottom Of The Hill)

I’m not linking to their MySpace until this Billy Bragg thing boils over. But go buy No Midnight now.