No Age Bring “Eraser,” Free Health Care To Craig Ferguson

As reported, Randy Randall wrote us up a couple days ago and explained how he was asked to remove his Obama t-shirt before No Age’s performance on Late Late Night With Craig Ferguson. At that time, Randy mentioned it was supposed to air on 10/27, eight days before the election. Well, last night I stumbled home, turned on the TV, and saw Dean and Randy staring back at me, rocking through the late-night version of “Eraser.” It’s unclear why it ran early, but the guys clearly aren’t in a good mood. You’ll spot Randy’s “Free Health Care” shirt, how they book it out of there the second the song’s done. What we didn’t expect: Ferguson discusses the “young punk band” and the t-shirt incident, mentioning folks blogging about it, saying he agrees with Randy for being “furious.”

Desmond was right: They are always running somewhere!

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