Sufjan Stevens Picks Next State?

Indie rock’s John Philip Sousa talks to Filter.

FILTER: Have you found people clamoring for you to write about their state?
SUFJAN STEVENS: It happens all the time. What I find most interesting is that my proposition has inspired all kinds of civic pride all over the U.S. People start telling me anecdotes about their small town or their university, their regional flower festival, or their beauty pageant. There is this sense of pride and ownership; feelings of a stronger identity of where they come from. I think that’s interesting, because I never intended this to be about civic pride, but it’s inspired a little bit of that all over the country.
FILTER: Do you have a plan as to where you want to go next with the state project?
SUFJAN STEVENS: I finally do, yes. But I probably shouldn’t say.

What, did you think he’d actually tell us?

If you haven’t yet heard the sequel to the best record of 2005, stream a quarter of Avalanche here (MOV). Asthmatic Kitty will be releasing more chunks of Illinois 2: Esoteric Boogaloo in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Avalanche Pt. 2 stream is here. (Even Wired’s on board!) MANY of you e-mailed to say you had it on “good authority” that NJ was the next state; one reader claimed the album was already completed! NJ? I hope there’s a song about Jon Stewart.