Efterklang – “I Was Playing Drums” (Live) Video

Copenhagen’s Efterklang gave Drowned In Sound track-by-track liner notes on their new album Magic Chairs. The band had this to say about “I Was Playing Drums”:

This is probably the closest we have come to making a pop song. The structure with verse, chorus, etc. is much clearer compared to other Efterklang songs. We toured the US for five weeks in the winter of 2009 and road-tested a lot of our new songs on this tour and I Was Playing Drums turned into one of our favourites right from the beginning.

Pop for these guys, maybe. But “I Was Playing Drums” is, to most ears, too fractured and intricate to register as clear verse-chorus-bridge-verse pop, since each iteration of its parts picks up additional layers of piano and violin. You get that feeling from both the album version and this special 4AD session. But you get 500% more smiling with this video (Danes score very high on the global happiness index). This was filmed in Copenhagen at a music venue called VEGA, which is what the Bowery Ballroom would look like if the Herman Miller company designed it. Watch more of their 4AD session here.

Magic Chairs is out now via 4AD.

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