New Bravo Silva – “Bad Education”

Like we told you when Meryl did Letterman, Stereogum’s been keeping a close eye on Bravo Silva for a good while now. And we like what we’ve been seeing! So we’re proud to premiere some freshness the band recorded just two days ago.

Bravo Silva – “Bad Education” (Demo) (MP3 Link Expired)

Take a listen, then head to Bravo Silva’s MySpace and grab their awesome track “Strawberry Blonde” to understand where the band’s coming from. They’re still loving the 80’s, and they’re still into complex harmonies, but unexpected rhythmic turns, group chants and holler-backs point to new possibilities.

If you’re in New York and liking the Silva, you can catch ‘em during their Wednesday-night residency at Pianos for the month of July. (7/19 with BSS side project Raising the Fawn!) Enjoy.