Tibet House Benefit (Feat. Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Philip Glass) @ Carnegie Hall, NYC 2/26/10

This past Friday we sent Dominick Mastrangelo to the 20th Annual Tibet House Benefit at Carnegie Hall. The lineup included longtime legends (Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, the concert’s Artistic Director Philip Glass) mixing it up with younger folks (Regina Spektor, Gogol Bordello, and the very young Tenzin Kunsel) and folks you might not have heard previously. Dominick tells us each band performed about three or so songs and reports: “Iggy did a stage dive into the first two rows and nobody caught him. But he got back up and finished off the set. His shirt stayed on for about 90 seconds of the first set…” That’s because nobody’s ever seen a stage dive at Carnegie Hall. In that spirit, Gogol Bordello, who started off seated, broke into their usual Gypsy-punk riotousness by set’s end. Though Eugene Hütz didn’t show much skin. Most punk of all? The night ended with everyone hopping back onstage for a performance of Patti Smith’s “People Have The Power.”