Roadside Graves – “Liv Tyler” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

At the end of last month we posted “Liv Tyler,” the first single from Roadside Graves’ forthcoming six-song EP You Won’t Be Happy With Me. As I said then, “It’s a collection that finds the guys weaving atmospheric drones, female vocals, and a darker spaciousness into the Americana, but they’re still not afraid to spill the whiskey, nod to Kristofferson, and make like Metuchen’s answer to the Jayhawks.” The Travis Huggett and Ben Parry-directed video for the song finds a girl (Sam Urbani) wandering around New Jersey (Metuchen, Asbury Park, Highland Park) in search of something while the band digs into the track. And Kristofferson makes a showing. I asked frontman John Gleason for the concept behind it.

We tried to make it simple and real, used only people we knew. The idea was to have a girl riding around NJ, visiting some of our family and friends, attempting to play with the theme of the song — which I guess is basically being freaked out that you may not truly know what the one you love is thinking, what and who they are thinking of … It’s not always you and vice versa. The song was loosely inspired by this great comic called Ganges and [guitarist] Rich [Zilg]’s long-winded explanation of how Liv Tyler was raised by Todd Rundgren.

For your next road trip:

Roadside Graves – “Liv Tyler”

The You Won’t Be Happy With Me EP is out 3/23 via Autumn Tone. The label also reissued the band’s first album If Shaking Up Is All You Want To Do digitally with six bonus songs.