Joanna Covers Carrabba

According to her MySpace page, Joanna is a “soulful Pat Benatar” for the TRL set. She’s on a summer tour of malls and summer camps.

NY Times’s Kelefa Sanneh gave Jo this shoutout yesterday:

An aspiring pop star, Joanna has the support of MTV and an album (This Crazy Love) scheduled for August release. And her MySpace page contains a pleasant surprise: a straightforward yet complicated cover of “Screaming Infidelities,” the emo classic by Dashboard Confessional. In the original, a boy drowned in self-pity while ranting about a girl: “I’m missing your laugh, how did it break?/And when did your smile begin to look fake?” Joanna doesn?t change the lyrics, but you might find that her voice alters the story line. The original had an undercurrent of meanness; the complaints ? “You?re not alone/And you’re not discreet” ? were also insults. But can a girl insult a boy by accusing him of indiscretion? Do emo breakup songs have to be a little bit mean? And if so, does Joanna’s version qualify?

There are “emo classics” now? It’s weird how I find myself defending Chris Carrabba on Stereogum (I own 0 Dashboard albums), but I understand why you mock him. He’s got his head up Adam Duritz’s ass these days, and no one scores cool points for hanging out with Adam Duritz this century (Except when he’s joined by Chewy.) Is Adam still recording with Mandy Moore and the Olsen Twins?

Anyway, I digress. Joanna’s “Infidelities” is surprisingly likeable. Check it out on MySpace. Or, if you’re gray, leave the babies with mommy and head to Tower 8/15. Norman’s doesn’t carry that shit.