Vampire Weekend Return To SNL

Verily, SNL’s talent bookers nailed the zeitgeist this weekend. Where last time through just the very sight of Ezra, Rostam, and the Chrisses proved a highlight of a dismal show, this night they were the icing on an already must-watch episode that everyone involved with the show said was “what the show was all about” thanks to host, comedian, and life champion Zach Galifianakis. But more than add a lend a thread of indie cred to the best-named (and most incredibly monologued) SNL in ages, Hoobastank Vampire Weekend also showed maybe why they’ve continually played “Cousins” on their live TV Contra promotional appearances up until this point: They were just waiting to do a show that people actually watched (love you but sorry, Coco) to unleash the string/backup singer/backing tracked beauty of “Giving Up The Gun” live, which also happens to be the very best (feat. Ezra Koenig) you’ve ever seen them live.  Haters gonna hate, but maybe a little less so if they watch this — this performance is captivating and is so Raven. They could even have a #1 record one day maybe.

First, check out the rehearsal. (His name is Jorma. He likes to dance.)

“Giving Up The Gun”


And the monologue, because it was fairly musical but also just because it was the best.

Watch the whole show, plus the sketch for which Zach got unbearded, over at Videogum.