Fred Durst, Kid Rock Engaged (Not To Each Other)

Posted by Fred almost two weeks ago at

here is some new news for the bizkit family and those others who seem to get the news wrong so often. i have met a wonderful girl named Krista from rhode island and have asked her to marry me. she said yes and i am now proud to say that we are engaged to be married. i met her while on location shooting The Education of Charlie Banks in rhode island. i hate the false rumors that have been floating around this silly ass gossiping community of tabloid madness that are nowhere near being true. so i wanted to set the record straight on this particular one before it became something it is not because this is very special to me. i am loving life.

I understand that he hates tabloids and gossip, but if a celebrity gets engaged and no one cares … well, I guess they’re not a celebrity anymore. So this is good news for everyone!

Meanwhile, I hope Kid Rock’s been vaccinated.