New Hilary And Haylie Duff – “Material Girl”

Having already butchered the Go-Go’s, the Duff sisters will not rest until they ruin ’80s nostalgia for everyone, one song at a time.

Next up: Madonna’s “Material Girl,” which you can hear in the sibs’ “OMG-it’s-so-not-a-Hiltons-satire” flick Material Girls.

Here’s a publicity still of them in the ghetto.

“We are so excited,” Haylie told MTV News when the project was announced two years ago. “It’s just a crazy script and crazy characters … Their personalities are crazy and the outfits are going to be cool.”

Phew. I thought she was gonna announce a Gnarls cover!

Listen to Duffs’ “Material Girl” WIN | REAL

I will say this: at least they didn’t steal the hook and make a video with Christina Applegate.

Elsewhere, can this photo be for real?! (Via Spencer.)