She & Him – “In The Sun” Video

Here’s your G-rated Zooey fantasy sequence for the day. Z dances cutely, takes one step closer to Feist: The aww-shucks charm factor is high in the Peyton Reed-directed video for “In The Sun,” as is the “1234” factor (nice hula hoop sequence), just another step toward Ms. Gibbard’s dominance of the Triple A(dorable) indie set. A sunglassed and pasty M. Ward turns up in a supporting role, guitar in hand, looking like the song was titled as a suggestion for how he should spend his free time. Good thing about having an actress front your musical project: Your videos will be very watchable.

(via P4K)

She & Him’s Volume Two is out 3/23 via Merge. There are “Thieves” among them.