10 Trendy Pop Star Costumes For Halloween ’08

I was going to write up a guide to contemporary Indie Rock Halloween Costume Ideas, but decided against it. You’re probably wearing a Fleet Foxes costume right now. Where’s the fun in that? So instead we turn our attention to the wider musical landscape, and suggest some pop star costumes that people will actually recognize.

10. Lil Wayne
Do you know who dressed as Amy Winehouse for Halloween last year? Everyone dressed as Amy Winehouse last year. That’s because all you had to do was get creative with eyeliner and recreate Wino’s arm ink with a Sharpie. Lil Weezy has tats too! All over his body and face. You should probably start now. Clothing options include tank top, sports jersey, or shirtless — just make sure your jeans are cartoonishly low-slung. A red New Era fitted is $31.99 at Lids, but you’ll have to visit pimphats for your grills.

9. Kid Rock
This one’s easy. Aviators + tank top + fedora + face pubes and you’re halfway there. A cheap cigar and a tall boy will only set you back a few bucks. It’s cold on Halloween, though, so you’ll need to cover up. A fur coat is ideal, but an American flag will work too. Lil Waye and Kid Rock are buds so consider going as the duo.

8. Katy Perry
This is probably going to be a popular pick for girls and guys alike. Katy’s received almost as much attention for her 1940’s pinup wardrobe as she has for her obnoxious, zeitgeisty song about Chapstick. Along with your vintage threads you’ll need a bow or flower in your hair and bright-colored Wayfarer knockoffs (only $1.99 here). Don’t skimp on the cleavage.

7. Kanye West
Kanye’s got a classy new look to go with his 808’s & Hearbreak. Perhaps you own a gray suit and white dress shirt that can stand in for Kanye’s designer duds. The fabric broken heart on his lapel should be easy to recreate. And though it’s really a Graduation accessory, shutter shades (only $4.22 at Amazon) will make it pretty obvious who you’re trying to impersonate. Don’t forget to go unshaven for a few days. Live Auto-Tune is gonna be tough, but I’m sure this $17.50 voice-changing toy has a T-Pain mode.

6. T-Pain
Speaking of T-Pain… Maybe you want to attempt this frightening costume. What’s great is that you can wear bling actually says T-Pain, lest someone think you were a less ubiquitous hip-hop ringmaster. The dreads should be easy enough to replicate ($16.99 at Target), but I’m at a loss for the right hat.

5. M.I.A.
At Diesel XXX, Maya’s bra/stretchy skirt combo emphasized her pregnant belly. In its place you could consider stuffing a pillow into virtually ANYTHING from M.I.A.’s own zany clothing line, though prices range from $30-$210. Chuck Taylors, ridiculous sunglasses, and a blue wig complete the Bonafide Hustler look.

4. Coldplay
Chris Martin’s dandy military jacket is custom made, but you can fake it, for a cost. Hot Topic has a black velour canvas for $65. Satin sashes to wrap around your arm are $6.55 each. Next year you can add some white face paint and be this guy.

3. Vampire Weekend

2. Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo
Cowboyoutfitters (Urban Outfitters, but for cowboys) offers several blue western-stye button downs. But I’m guessing you don’t wanna drop $70 for a joke outfit, so a regular dress shirt could work, along with dungarees (jeans, but for cowboys). A costume cowboy hat is less than $10. You’ve got a week to grow the moustache and paunch.

1. Miley Cyrus
The hottest pop star in the world looks like a billion bucks in an outfit you can make out of laundry.


Whoever you end up going as for Halloween, I strongly encourage you combine it with zombie makeup. Katy Perry is not scary, but Zombie Katy Perry earns you treats. (Zombie Vampire Weekend only sounds scary.) If you have additional music-related ideas, please share in the comments. And feel free to send us pics of your outfit after the big night. We’ll post the best ones.