Audioslave Demand Sovereignty, King Chris Defects

Audioslave has teamed up with Google Earth to offer a sneak peek at the artwork for their new album Revelations. (Stereogum readers debate the merits of “Original Fire” here.)

Google’s planet mapping app says “Audioslave Nation” is located at 42° longitude and -137° latitude. In the Indian Ocean.

You can download Google Earth here.

You probably read Chris Cornell has composed “You Know My Name” for the next James Bond flick Casino Royale. He reveals to Billboard that he’s also finished songs for a solo record to be released next year.

“I’m always writing. There’s a song here, a song there that I wouldn’t be able to put on an Audioslave record. Audioslave’s really been more of a collaboration, anyway, and I’m a guy that writes a lot of songs, and I write a lot by myself.”

You totally didn’t download Google Earth, did you? Me neither. says it looks like this: