Honey, Doesn’t That Look Like Our House?

LONDON (Reuters) – A British couple who discovered their home had been the scene of a grisly murder as they watched a crime documentary on television, failed in a legal claim on Friday that the previous owners should have informed them.

Alan and Susan Sykes said they would never have bought the $155,000 house if they had known that 15 years earlier a doctor had murdered his 13-year-old adopted daughter there and dismembered her body into more than 100 pieces.

In dismissing the case at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Peter Gibson said: “I feel a great deal of sympathy for this couple. But we had to decide the case on a dry issue of law.” He added, “There is the possibility parts of the victim’s body might still lie undiscovered in this house.”

Dr Samson Perera was convicted of murder in 1985. Parts of his victim’s body were found hidden under the floorboards, in pot plants and a coffee jar at the house, while others were never traced.