New Hello Seahorse! – “Universo 2″

Hello Seahorse!, the Mexican trio of Burgos, Denise (aka Vanilla Face), and Bonno T, mix a twee sensibility and artsy DIY visual aesthetic with unexpected instrumental interludes (lapping ocean waves, jumbled voices over piano) and spacier, darker, non-twee moments. They have a knack for writing pop songs that hit you immediately. You could think of them as a scaled down Los Campesinos! (note shared exclamation point), an even more scaled down I’m From Barcelona, or, maybe, a Sarah Records band singing in Spanish. (On a track like “Antardecer En Parapent” you’ll even hear Stereolab in the vocal patterns.) HS!’s catchiest song, bar none, is “Won’t Say Anything,” which we have in video and audio form. You should also take a listen to the glitchier Velocity Girl-esque “Universo 2,” which closes out Hoy A Las Ocho, and gives an idea of the band’s aforementioned diversity.

Hello Seahorse! – “Universo 2″ (MP3)

“Won’t Say Anything”:

Sans balloons and face t-shirt:

Hello Seahorse! – “Won’t Say Anything” (MP3)

You can hear the altogether different “Bestia” at their MySpace. You can also check out their website, which would be more fun for me if I could read Spanish.

The Hoy A Las Ocho EP (with previously unreleased bonus tracks) is out 11/11 via Magic Marker. MM’s also doing an album in 2009, which will be released in Mexico and the U.S.