Flaming Lips Remix NBC Theme With Hilarious Guitar

At the beginning of this behind-the-scenes clip, Wayne Coyne recounts the Lips’ history of being asked to do absurd things. That’s how they ended up playing The Peach Pit in the OG 90210, and it’s why they’ll be returning to TV during commercial breaks this fall. In a clever new branding campaign, NBC has asked the Lips, along with B.B. King, the B-52s, T.I., Clint Black, Richie Sambora, and the Airborne Toxic Event, to reinterpret the three notes of the famous peacock chimes (that’s G-E-C for those playing at home). Wayne will make the most of his band’s eight second promo by playing a homemade double neck guitar that is half Guitar Hero controller. Watch the sneak peek here, or in Deal Or No Deal bumpers this fall.