Built To Spill Cover M.I.A. In Italy

It’s fun to think that alongside resurrecting the careers of the Freaks And Geeks cast and becoming a Hollywood brand unto himself, Judd Apatow has indirectly inspired Doug Martsch to cover Ms. Arulpgrasam by making “Paper Planes” so pervasive that really why not just give it your own spin, whether you’re Adrock or indie rock. It’s a modern standard maybe. Well, at least it’s on its way to being this year’s “Crazy” or “Umbrella” (a year after its release) with this fairly unexpected, fairly fun cover by Built To Spill.

Of course they waited until they were overseas to do it. The band apparently ripped into the Kala cut an encore to a set retelling their classic Perfect From Now On album at the INIT in Rome, which is most definitely not how they encored after doing the same LP at ATP NY. (Fact: This would have made for some unforgettable late night chatter with the nostalgists and journos all weekend.) Reader Emiliano Colasanti tipped us to BTS’s M.I.A. take with a link to his Men’s Style Italy blog Stereogram (nice blog name, Emiliano). It’s not a joke (Doug is into it!) and sounds like they rehearsed, so you should watch:

Mad Decent said “Paper Planes” was dead? Not yet. All it needed was a receding hairline and a beard and the threat of a never ending guitar solo.