Coldplay Serenade New Jersey From The Cheap Seats

Coldplay performed at the Izod Center in East Rutherford on Sunday. As you all know, Chris Martin’s a ham, who’s all about chewing up the stage and the scenery and the iTunes commercials. In Jersey, as the Star Ledger reports, he even chewed up the cheap seats:

“Death Will Never Conquer” was part of a segment (also including “The Scientist”) where the band ventured into section 104 of the arena — located a long way from the stage — and played there. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder, as they did in another part of the show that took place on a small stage at the end of a ramp that extended onto the arena floor.

No surprise Star Ledger, they’ve been doing this as long as they’ve been into arm sashes (aka Pop Costume #4). We have video of the moment, though, as does the entire crowd standing behind the band.

Put down the cameras, girls … you’re on TV. Martin & the guys who stand behind him played SNL that night before, but EMI seemingly won’t let it live on Hulu or YouTube because copyrights are all they have left.

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