Rivers Cuomo’s Alone II Album Art

Yesterday we posted Rivers Cuomo’s “I Want To Take You Home Tonight.” The track, which he supposedly recorded in 2002, is from the forthcoming Alone II: The Home Recordings. The photo that appears on Alone II’s cover was taken a few years earlier. As he told P4K:

Rivers Cuomo: That is a real photo, and there was not an ounce of irony in the room when that photo was taken …

Pitchfork: Can you remember anything about that particular moment?

RC: For some reason, I missed the photo session in my high school for my senior portrait, so I had to go to a photo studio in Willimantic, Connecticut. I didn’t really have any ideas: the guy just did his thing. And this is what he came up with [laughs]. But it’s from the same session as my high school picture …This was my look in high school. I was, you know, somewhat famous– or infamous– in my town for looking like this [laughs].

You might laugh, too.

Hanoi Rocks + Silkie Bantam.

Alone II: The Home Recordings is out 11/25 via Universal/DGC.