YACHT – “The Afterlife” Video

If you were chasing the dance party down in Austin last week, you couldn’t have done better than stalking YACHT: Their live sets topped lists, perhaps none crazier than the one Brandon, Scott, and I caught at the Cedar St. Courtyard on night last. As mentioned in our final wrap, the duo of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans have unexpectedly grown up from quirked out yet more mildly mannered beat enthusiasts to spiritualistic and sharply dressed stage-owning sex symbols, delivering ecstatic sermons to the fest’s most riled up crowd. That the “The Afterlife”‘s official video features the pair slow-mo baptizing themselves in tubs, showers, and lakes after a week spent converting crowds is a fitting capper. See Mystery Lights, see them live, watch this clip:

See Mystery Lights is out via DFA.