Jonbenét Rocks

The Houston Press recently handed out its annual music awards. Best new emo/post-punk band went to a group called The Jonbenét. Via

The JonBenét proved that it is a group worthy of recognition by not showing up for the awards ceremony, and it wasn’t because the band members believe they are above a local awards show. The group was too busy doing what a band should be doing to make a name for itself; the JonBenét was most likely taking the stage at Plan B in Dansville, Virginia — a stop on its tour up the East Coast.

No mention of John Mark Karr because … the article was published just days before police identified the suspect in the Christmastime ’96 slaying of Jonbenét Ramsey.

The Jonbenét?s debut Ugly/Heartless comes out 9/19. You can listen to some music at their MySpace, but it’s not very good. Much prefer Mel Gibson & The Nuclear So And So’s.