Love Is All Offer “Rumours” In Their Halloween Costumes

If you’ve ever done a semester abroad, you know Halloween isn’t quite the phenomenon everywhere as in the good ol’ financially fucked US of A. But props to the spastic Swedes of Love Is All for taking our annual excuse for sluttiness to heart, applying ghoulish facepaint and walking in reverse on their home streets to the sounds of “Rumors,” from their quite good forthcoming LP A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night. It’s not The Official Video — there will be a costumed clip for most every album track floating about the net today — but it’s a cute way to let people listen to an album that’s worth hearing, track for track. “Rumours,” the tune we peeped via an In The Studio clip last year (remember the band cracking up while chanting “if you mind your business I’ll mind mine”?), has Josephine doing her rhythmic speak-singing thing over a typically jagged, upbeat, then uplifting backing track. Given that Halloween isn’t quite an official holiday in their neighborhood, and that this was filmed well in advance of 10/31 anyway, more points to them for doing it all in public.

Not bad dress-up for a sunny day in Sweden, but we have a few more costume ideas you might wanna check for the real thing. A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night is out 11/11 via What’s Your Rupture. Here’s one from that:

Love Is All – “Wishing Well” (MP3)

One more treat here.

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