Tuesday Rehab Report

Keane singer Tom Chaplin has entered rehab, forcing the band to cancel its North American tour. Fifteen-year-old Chaplin writes on keanemusic.com:

“I’ve been having to deal with an increasing problem with drink and drugs, and the time has come to get the professional help I need to sort myself out. I feel desperately disappointed to be letting down our fans, but I want to get myself right now so that I can be back on the road for the rest of the year.”

Yes, we know he’s not fifteen, but look at that cute lil’ face!

Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins is in rehab too! The glam-rock band’s sophomore effort didn’t impact the charts the way Keane’s 2nd one did, but they’ll soldier on. Via thedarknessrock.com:

“We would however like to make it clear that this emphatically does not signal the end for The Darkness nor are their label Atlantic Records considering ‘dropping’ them. On the contrary, they have taken up their option with the band and are looking forward to releasing the Darkness’ third album in early 2007.”

We never said Atlantic was dropping you! It was merely a suggestion.

Finally, we’re pretty sure (who can really tell these days) that Pete Doherty remains in court-ordered rehab while he awaits a 9/4 trial for possession of heroin, crack, marijuana, and Kate Moss.

Hopefully one of the rockers will run into Mel Gibson and commiserate how they hate fucking Muse!