Does Aerosmith Sound Better In Zero Gravity?

When the Space Shuttle Discovery began its a 13-day, 8.5 million-kilometer trip to the International Space Station last month, pilot Mark E. Kelly took some Aerosmith albums with him.

Says Kelly: ?I met Steven at a couple of events and I mentioned to him that I could fly with a couple of CDs. I asked him if he wanted me to take his favorite Aerosmith CDs into space. This was a huge honor for me.?

I don’t think you had to ask for Steven Tyler’s blessing, Mark. But whatever.

?Everyone aboard the flight heard ?Janie?s Got A Gun,? which is on my Ipod, and it was blasting out of the speakers. Sounded pretty cool up there.?

The CDs were returned to Aerosmith upon Kelly?s arrival. I guess ’cause they were covered in special space dust or something?

Would’ve been a nice publicity stunt (eight years ago).