Howard Stern Hearts Korn

I never (never ever ever nerver) have liked Korn, but I just had to watch this video…

Howard Stern on his radio show this morning:
“It?s probably the most inspirational, the most spectacular understanding of what?s going on in this country right now. I believe that young people ? I?m talking about people 18, 16, 20 ? are freaking out right now because of what is going on with the religious right. They are angry. They are angry about the corporations running the music business. They are angry with the radio business. They are angry. And this Korn video, if you can get your hands on it, is the best music video I have ever seen.”

The video shows the members of Korn smashing up the inside of a brick-and-mortar record chain while thought-provoking truths about the big business of music flash up on the screen. Shot at an out-of-business Los Angeles record store, the enraged band storm through the aisles, violently smashing more than 20,000 CDs and display cases with crowbars. Fans join the frenzy as windows are broken and the store is ultimately destroyed. Interspersed with the band footage are statements questioning the practices of the music industry:

  • “One corporation owns the 5 major video channels in the U.S.”
  • “98% of bands signed to a major don’t make a profit.”
  • “Two radio conglomerates control 42% of listeners.”
  • “The music industry releases 100 songs per week.”
  • “Only 4 songs are added to the average radio playlist each week.”
  • “Hit songs on Top 40 are often repeated over 100 times per week.”
  • “Is that all you want to hear?”
  • “90% of all singles get to the ‘hook’ within 20 seconds.”
  • “98% of all #1 singles are less than 3:30 seconds long.”
  • “99% of Korn members are overweight and have weird facial hair.”

    OK, I made the last one up. Anyway, watch the video here.