Bring Two Bucks (And Your Eyeliner)

MTV’s race to embrace mall punk is in high gear; hot on the heels of giving the bottle-beaten Panic! At The Disco a Video of The Year nod, Music (ha) Television is hosting My Chemical Romance at the MTV2 $2Bill Concert at Philadelphia’s Trocadero tomorrow night. Who’s going? It may be a hike from New York but, with a ticket that cheap, you crazy kids will have plenty of cash left over for makeup!

MCR hit the MTV VMAs for a dramatic, rooftop rendition of “The Black Parade.” Now, we honestly couldn’t get through the whole thing (which could be due to the one-minute drum roll intro), but we wanna give ‘em props for bringing some showmanship with their “rock.”

If you turn up the volume and listen really closely, you’ll hear Freddie Mercury rolling over in his grave.

This album’s going straight to #1, isn’t it? (Sigh.)