Rites Of Spring: A Benefit For Haiti

Rites Of Spring: A Benefit For Haiti

In March of 2009 Björk and Alex Ross and I got together to do an unannounced afternoon DJ set at Housing Works. Our theme was “bass” and we included live interactions from Mick Barr (on distortion-free guitar) and the composer Anna Clyne (a piece with cello and tape). It was a lot of fun and, at the time, we thought it would be worthwhile to try and do these sorts of low-key events monthly, or whenever time allowed. Ultimately we didn’t succeed at that pace, but part of the crew got behind the DJ gear again at the Cooper Square Hotel after the Housing Works Björk and Dirty Projectors collaboration I organized a couple of months later. Alex was out of town, but David Longstreth joined the fold, and again we again had fun, this time going from Bad Brains to Aaliyah to WOLD to “Birthday Sex” to Fuck Buttons to Jadakiss to Hoover to Destiny’s Child like nobody’s business. It was also the cap to a night that helped raise money for a worthy charity. A couple a months ago the idea of DJing together came up again in conversation, followed by the idea of again raising money, this time for the Haitian relief effort. So that’s what we’re doing in early May. And we’ve added a couple more hands.

The event takes place at 8PM on Sunday, May 2nd. (We’ll probably go until people stop moving. Even though it it’s a Sunday. Think of it as a pre-Cinco de Mayo party.) This time it’ll include DJ sets, overlaps, and mass ADD-input by me, Alex Ross, Björk, David Longstreth, and those aforementioned able new hands, Tyondai Braxton. (Plus a few other friends here/there.) As far as organizing, we hooked up with Todd P, who in turn hooked us up with a sound system, lots of leg work, and Above The Auto Parts Store, the DIY space in Brooklyn that’s indeed above an auto parts store.

Tickets go on sale this Tuesday (4/13) at 5PM at Record Grouch/Old Made Vintage, 441 Metropolitan Avenue (@ Meeker) in Brooklyn. Their hours are 1PM-7PM daily. (There will be no online tickets. Paper tickets only.) The cost is on the flyer. All proceeds go to Partners In Health’s Stand With Haiti Fund. PIH’s an organization that, as they put it, “[partners] with poor communities to combat disease and poverty.” Their Stand With Haiti Fund is an ambitious three-year recovery and rebuilding plan. You can get more info on it here. We waited until the spotlight shifted from Haiti a bit, because the spotlight shouldn’t have shifted.

What can you expect at Rites Of Spring? As Alex mentioned over at his blog, “don’t be surprised if you hear some combination of Thai soul, doom metal, Justin Bieber, and, of course, nude Stravinsky.” That, probably Alim Qasimov, a few things played at 1/4 speed, The Goat Yelling Like A Man (Feat. Usher), the other Rites Of Spring, and hopefully lots of dancing.

We’re all looking forward to it.

[Flyer by Seldon Hunt]

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