Supergrass Stop By The Laundromatinee

Irascible Brit Hoo Ha-ers Supergrass recently recorded a session for our friend Dodge’s new project, the live music video site Laundromatinee. The conceit’s straight forward — get a good band, set ‘em up in a studio, film it — which is a good fit for the no bullshit, “Blue Orchid”-tipping “Diamond Hoo Ha Man.” Nearly as entertaining: the band’s discussion as Rob cycles through some dated keyboard tones. Definitely as entertaining: Gaz’s porn stache.

Previously in hoo ha: “Bad Blood,” “Rough Knuckles,” and a Who cover with the Foos. And the Laundro archives are building nicely — check the clips with Dr. Dog, Bon Iver, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and Cloud Cult. Congrats Dodge!

Tags: Supergrass