R.E.M. Celebrate Obama Victory

In case you didn’t hear, Barack Obama won last night. If this came as great news, you likely found yourself laughing at that will.i.am hologram, checking out Fox News to see how depressed they were, and then wandering the East Village and slapping hands with strangers en route to your favorite bar where you drank champagne from a can and thought about this song for the first time in ages. Or, maybe you were at an R.E.M. concert in Santiago where you saw their manager Bertis Downs announce the Obama victory and then heard the band cue into “I Believe.”

Whether your night was like this this (via Gothamist) — with or without “Paper Airplanes” and cop cars — or if you stayed home to work on your “Why Obama Isn’t a Good President” presentation in complete, creepy silence, we’re curious how you marked the moment. Maybe you’re this kid.