Killers Display Their Plumage On Jools Holland

You have to hand it to Brandon Feathers: The man will not give up on those avian shoulder pads. He wore them in the Killers’ Day & Age promo pics, “Human“‘s dusty video, and they, along with that giant kosher “K,” made the trip to the UK for the band’s rendition of the song on Jools Holland. The performance? The band gets pretty into it. So much so, that one of Brandon’s feathers gets ruffled … or erect? Note the above screen grab and then move on:

So what is with soft arena rock bands like Coldplay and Killers sticking to a uniform? The bigger issue: It’ll be interesting to see how he adapts those wings for zero gravity when they shoot a “Spaceman” video.

Day & Age is out 11/25 via Island.

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