Stream The New TVOTR

The album we can’t stop blogging about, Return To Cookie Mountain, hits stores tomorrow, just six months after you downloaded it! What? You haven’t heard it yet? Then you’re in for a treat. Stream here in Windows Media (thanks Mike!) and purchase at a music distribution outlet near you.

Return To Cookie Mountain
1. I Was a Lover
2. Hours
3. Province
4. Playhouses
5. Wolf Like Me
6. A Method
7. Let the Devil In
8. Dirty Whirl
9. Blues From Down Here
10. Tonight
11. Wash the Day Away

US Bonus Tracks:
1. Snakes and Martyrs
2. Hours (El-P Remix)
3. Things You Can Do

So, what’s “cookie mountain”? We think we know, but wanna hear your interpretation.