New Postmarks Video – “11:59″ (Stereogum Premiere)

Next week Miami pop trio the Postmarks are releasing By-The-Numbers, a collection of the dozen songs from their monthly cover series, each track including a different number in the title/lyrics, the album progressing from one (“One Note Samba”) to 12 (“Pinball Number Count”). We gave you their infectiously icy take on Blondie’s “11:59.” At the time, Postmark Christopher Moll told us:

We didn’t want it to sound new wave … we had already established an overall sound on the album that was essentially “us” and we had to find a way to translate the energy level in that song into something that worked within our universe. We think it works … it has this frantic quality that I would expect from a band making music about the last few minutes on Earth.

Here it goes in video form. It was directed by the other male Postmark, Jonathan Wilkins. Postmark number three, Tim Yehezkely, stars.

Before you watch it, here’s how Moll explained the clip:

Influenced by the flicker of a late night TV announcing the end of the world, “11:59″ is the visual depiction of the frantic energy of information overload. We wanted it to have the feeling of a visual crescendo … the sight of being bombarded by a thousand messages all at once (and all harping on the same thing which seems to be a common occurrence nowadays.) And when it’s all over…the light goes out. FIN

By-The-Numbers is out 11/11 on Unfiltered.