iTunes 7 DRM Stripped

Engadget reports:

At some time around 10:22AM Pacific Standard Time, by our estimations, Steve Jobs introduced to the world iTunes 7, Apple’s latest and greatest hardware / software / service glue for their best-selling online media initiative. Everyone cheered its album art functions, enhanced video resolution, and movie downloads; a few of us, though, silently winced on behalf of QTFairUse / myFairTunes6 users everywhere, who’d been successfully stripping the DRM off their Apple FairPlay protected files for a few weeks now. Then, at 6:23PM PST, QTFairUse version 2.3 came out, which added (beta) iTunes 7 support. By our approximation that means it took Igor (no, not Iger) about 8 hours and 1 minute to crack the latest major iTunes update.

Jeez Igor. It’s polite to wait at least a day!