The Antlers – “Sylvia” Video

Keeping with Hospice’s album-length theme of frustration and illness (see also “Two” and “Bear“), the Antlers’ “Sylvia” clip revolves around a man who keeps seeing, and arguing with, a ghostly ex-lover. It’s a literal read of what makes Hospice so compelling, that songwriter Peter Silberman captures what it’s like to deal with someone you feel responsible for, but who both craves and resents your responsibility toward them. Director Trey Hock says he took some inspiration for his sepia-toned “Sylvia” video from D.W. Griffith’s Broken Blossoms, a better resource than Griffith’s Birth Of A Nation. Watch the video at IFC. You can grab this video and the Antlers’ two-song EP New York Hospitals via Topspin:

Hospice is out via Frenchkiss.

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