Titus Andronicus/No Age @ Santo’s Party House, NYC 11/9/08

Last night we finally hit Andrew W.K.’s recently opened venue. Nice space, clearly designed with acoustics in mind — huge speaker blocks above the side bar, tweeters suspended over the floor for sound to surround — although you couldn’t say the same for sight (the poles that dot the space are good for advertising, not so good for uninterrupted stage views). Anyway it’s solid to see a worthy music space opening in Manhattan, and it’s always great to see three bands for the price of free in Manhattan. This was the first of four shows No Age is doing to help shockhound.com celebrate their launch, last night including ex-Black Dice man Soft Circle and raucous NJ crew Titus Andronicus in support. Unfortunately we missed the Circle set, but Titus, Dean and Randy did their best to inject some life into a pretty tame Sunday night crowd. For Andronicus that meant a three-guitar attack on a stage that could barely contain them, and for No Age that meant a switched up setlist, no Randy-on-the-amp bit, and a single guitar that seemed more forceful than the Andronici combined. The guys may have seemed a little weary, but we all were. At least No Age have the excuse of nonstop touring. If you want more, enjoy this spread of photos for your eyeballs, all by photog Ben Shapiro.