Stream New Sean Lennon

After watching that theatrical trailer for his new record, we know you’re dying to hear Sean’s Friendly Fire (out 10/3) at VH1. Mac users may find themselves up a creek, but the album’s lead track “Dead Meat” is also streaming at SeanOnoLennon’s Myspace. Here’s the vid:

Anyone catch him on Letterman last night? Sean wore a purple ascot and hit The Late Show with three strings, two background singers, and bassist in pigtails and a tux. And it actually sounded good! Dave asked him about “Dead Meat”‘s meaning, to which Sean replied: “Kinda when you’re mad at somebody, and you say, ‘You’re dead meat!’ [Pause] It’s an idiom.” A profound idiom, that.

Kid Lennon started talking about each Fire song’s accompanying film (and how the record was born from the death of his best friend, with whom his then-girlfriend had an affair), but TiVO thought I’d had enough.

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